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REMEMBER who you are beyond the limiting stories you tell yourself.

RELEASE what is energetically clogging your natural flow.  

So you can RECEIVE what empowers you and has been yours all along. 

Imagine doing so while lying down listening to captivating cosmic shamanic vocals, hypnotic drumsounds.....

As you drift off and journey into the realms of your higher knowing...and align with your Soul.





Werken met interventies die krachtig zijn door hun eenvoud

Image by lAI mAN nUNG


The red thread in my offerings are that they help you journey inward. First to unclog and unblock your natural energyflow and then to unlock your gifts, to experience your pure light essence and become who you are, as intended by your soul.

For all my work it’s necessary you feel a sacred YES from deep within. The sacred activating field, voice and visuals I work with, can be triggering processes needed for shining your light freely again. Therefore I can only work with determined rainbow-warriors who feel ready to do the work and be all they are. The good news is, if you are here, you probably are. 

Personalized Journeys

Helping you move beyond the mind. Like with plantmedicine, you’ll get what you need, yet every journey is different. Only now the ‘medicine’ is made of lightlanguage, sounds and vibrations. I also work with the Kundalini Activating energy field, awakening and boosting the natural orgastic flow in your Life Force Energy. A beautiful and powerful combination. 

Whatever you choose, we’ll set up a clear, grounded, safe ceremonial space for you to fly into the cosmic, connected with the earth like a kite. 

·       Lightlanguage Healing Journey (1-on-1, on site or online)

Including recordings of your journey, SoulSong and after-report. Most common results:

  • Sets stuck, blocked or surpressed energies and emotions free. Releasing what no longer serves. 

  • Reconnects / reactivates dormant aspects that empower you (allies, animals, artefacts, symbols)

  • Recieve messages from other dimensions within your field

Duration: +/- 2 hrs

Investment: €222,- incl. VAT 

For best results: 3x Dive Deep-Deal: not 666,- but 599,- incl. VAT! 

Whatsapp me to schedule (live on site or online).


·       Kundalini x Lightlanguage Activation (1-on-1, on site or online)

Including recordings of your journey and after-report. Most common results:

  • Activate and increase your Life Force Energy

  • Regain Inner-power, Freedom and Lust for Life

  • Re-member your Pure Light Essence

Duration: +/- 2 hrs

Investment: €222,- incl. VAT 

For best results: 3x Dive Deep-Deal: not 666,- but 599,- incl. VAT

Whatsapp me on +31 6 24 89 39 84 to schedule (live on site or online).

·       SoulCode Avatar Journey (for individuals and couples, on site or online)

Including: lightlanguage healing journey, code session, portrait session, integration session, hi-res file of the SoulCode-Avatar (portrait), recordings of after-report, 3 minute video with the portrait and transmission.

  • Receive your higher self as a visible ally, reminding you of your potential

  • Upgrade love and compassion for your persona and humaness 

  • Personally channeled lightcodes, symbols and artefacts to keep dreaming into what your soul intended to embody and be

Duration: 4 sessions (varying from 1 to max. 4 hrs)

Investment: €999,- to 1111,- incl. VAT (single/couple)

Whatsapp me to schedule (live on site or online).

1-1 Lightlanguage Mentoring

  • Customized to your specific needs and process

  • Familiarizing by diving into experiences and reflecting together

  • Optional results: activating or getting it to flow more easily, managing blockages, learn how you ‘read’ lightlanguage, explore expressions and ways of using lightlanguage as a tool. 

Duration min. 1,5hrs 

Investment: €188,- incl. VAT

For best results: 3x Dive Deep-Deal: not 564,- but 499,- incl. VAT

Whatsapp me to schedule (live on site).


Ceremonial Workshops & Events 

  • Lightlanguage Lab Live – the Workshop & Jam

  • Lightlanguage Circle and Jam

  • Cosmic Shamanic Soundjourneys / Lightlanguage Transmission

  • Ceremonies with: Cacao, Breathwork & Lightlanguage Journey

  • Kundalini x Lightlanguage Activations (double the fun!)


Check out events & get tickets at:

Whatsapp me to stay posted on new dates for workshops and events.

(Or if you want us to organize a customized workshop or event for you).










Here you can order my channeled, 'medicine art'. Highly suitable for ceremonial (plantmedicine)-space. These ‘portals’ all carry different activations. Journey with them across dimensions. Let them empower you and your work here. Go to:


Resoul Rebels Radio - Lightlanguage Lab

International english spoken podcast, sharings, conversations and transmissions, co-created or solo. Exploring channeling lightlanguage, what we come across in developing it as a skill, and using it as a tool. And always (also) exploring expressions, theme's and ways to make lightlanguage benificial by working with it directly in 'the lab-space' (solo or co-created transmissions and soundjourneys). Find it on Spotify, Apple, Google or any other platform. Links below.

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About me




Cosmic Shamanic Guide & Lightlanguage Artist in Vocals & Visuals

I could never have even guessed what I would be doing today. It all started when I watched a YouTube video with Lightlanguage in spring 2018 . I felt spoken to in a way nobody spoke to me the last couple of eons.... but I remembered how to speak lightlanguage instantly. And as I did, I started to remember more and more of all that I am as a multidimensional being having a human experience. 

From there it was and is a crazy journey of discoveries working with the codes. Revealing more and more my original creativity and soul-expression. I’m inspired by how we are “fractals of Source wanting to know itself". I’m inspired by the genius of Life and by increasing the ability to let Life flow thru us. I’m in awe how we orchestrated our lives, and how all the details fall in to place when we simply have the guts to follow our excitement, to weave our paths, guided by spirit and the heartspace.. Not an easy route, but it sure is the most rewarding, joyful and adventurous.  


All that I do is very much infused with shamanism and the energy of the plantmedicine field. Yet, I weave anything that seems useful and inspiring to add. From improv-theater, to photography, to years of working as a organizational anthropologist facilitating change in organizations (if you have a cool assignment, let me know, still open for the good stuff!), to martial arts, to anything that ever gave me a fresh and empowering perspective on things. I recently added Kundalini Activations, because I was so impressed by journeying in this field myself. I feel it catalyses and enhances the field already created with lightlanguage. Eventhough I'm high educated and did lots of trainings, I feel naming my studies is a bit old fashioned. But believe me, I'm a forever student always investing in upgrading and downloading skills.


It can be quite a challenge to describe my work. It's magical and logical at the same time. You could see me as a voice-alchemist, an energetic plumber, clearing the pipes, or multidimensional vacuumcleaner, sucking away dust and residue to restore our ancient powers. I can feel like a multidimensional surgeon, recalibrating divine technology that is dormant in your DNA, or like a cosmic microphone for half of the StarWars-crew and what not.People say I sing and create Icaro's, like I'm from the Amazone. Taking people deep into plantmedicine space (with or without the actual medicine). Some also say I’m like a cosmic comedian, an heyoka, using humor to change perspective on the patterns that limit us. I can be like a vocal midwife, helping you birth your true voice(s). I'm a tourguide taking us into theta-states where we can re-member, release and rewrite ourselves. I'm voice-medicine. My role is to bring the medicine of the codes into our realms through sounds and visuals. In the end I’m 'just' an intuitive, a conduit, a vessel, for whatever wants to come through, to assist and empower you. 


As I rewrite my own story into the highest timeline, I help you rewrite yours. 
Hence it takes a rebel to resoul. Will you join me? It’s time to rise! We are all needed.

Ps: I think it should mostly be about YOU, but if you like to hear my full story please check out EP-207 on Resoul Rebels Radio, on your favourite platform. 

Much love


Want to have one of these high frequency portal babies on your wall? 

Check out my Code Art Gallery here. For more details and more Code Art!


Enter the Tree Yoniverse. This duo contains powerful wombspace clearing codes. And isn't just amazing how the tree shows her majestic yoni? I created them for all who feel drawn to level up their yoni- and wombspace work. Whether it's just for you or for those you assist in healing and activating this place of primordial power. 


DNA Gateway

A manifesting portal that helps us to rewrite our script into the fully expanded balanced versions of our sacred human selves.

Fear of Prosecution Clearing

This portal helps to free yourself of the ingrained collective fear among 'lightworkers' to be prosecuted


Dreamweaver Portal

This portal helps to move beyond oneself and dream yourself into a protected space to serve togather.

For the full story, also on how I was guided to create these, check the Code Art Gallery here. Also to find the podcasts that go with it. There you'll find the transmissions and soundscapes that are created just for these artworks. Making it a visual & auditive experience to immerse yourself in. 

Ps: Lots more coming up and open for requests to create around specific themes and intentions.



"A session with Iris is an experience of love, power and the best booster you can give yourself to open your heart and let your energy flow freely again. The highlight for me was the release of energy that felt stuck for a long time in my belly and throat. It was vibrated out by the sounds and energywork. I felt lifted and surrounded by many highly vibrating lights. It’s a week later now and I still feel cleansed, carried and light. 


“ I felt so rejuvenated, it gave me strength and brought me back into my ancient purpose and power within. You were in it 1000% I feel blessed and glad to have regained my true self through you. Your ways and methods gave me closure and better openings to how I should proceed. I am using it still as things come to my path. Don't change anything!” 


“It is amazing how Iris finds the right frequencies. I could connect with my heart and soul. A smile and a tear all passed by in this amazing journey, in which Iris takes you through ancient and current memories. It truly is a pleasure to just lie there, fall asleep and feel renewed afterwards. I had a lot of peaceful energy in my body, also long after the session! Thank you Iris for your deep understanding of consciousness on how to support people, connecting to their true self, in this adventure called life! Aho sister.”


"My SoulCodePortrait Journey felt like a journey into the essence of my being. The way Iris works is amazing and profound! She feels like an open channel who receives the ancient codes with ease and tunes in on your original self. When I connect with my Soul portrait I feel comforted, strengthened and carried by my true and ancient self. A pure gift to receive myself in this way."




The Netherlands -  Worldwide

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