FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there contra-indications for the sessions?

All sessions can evoke altered states of conciousness. If you have a (history of) clinical anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis the sessions are too strong for you now.

In Resoul Sessions we do breathwork. Contra-indications are: pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, high inner eye pressure, detached retina, cardiovascular problems, (a history of) strokes, recent surgery (broken bones/ wounds in the chest & still recovering). If you are experiencing one of the above adding breathwork to the session is too strong now. Contact me in case of doubt on whether you can participate. Also always contact your doctor in case of doubt. 

How to prepare for Resoul Sessions?

  • Doors open 15 -2 minutes before the session. Make sure you are on time. As we cannot leave the door open unattended.
  • For all levels, no experience needed. All you need is an open mind.
  • Bring your water + bottle. It can be nice to bring a (sweet) snack you can grab after your session. 
  • We have mats, just bring a towel/plaid to cover for hygiene.
  • Bring extra clothes/layers in case you get cold or sweaty (this is a normal side-effect;)
  • You might like to bring a sleeping-mask or blindfold to go inward with more ease.
  • Eat light/normal, just long enough before to not feel bloated or full. 
  • Don’t overdo coffee-intake (this makes it harder to sink in the journey). 
  • No alcohol the evening before and after helps to get more out of it.