Resoul Sessions.

A soul-connecting shamanic ceremony.

Journey inward on frequencies, vocals and sounds

Immerse yourself in a transformative 2 hour ceremony. Weaving kundalini activation, live out-of-this-world-vocals, some quantum-focus and empowering breathwork.

Find Freedom & Lust for Life

Learn to release what no longer serves. Beyond the stories. So life can flow through you, like a river.

Empower your Inner-Healer

The wisdom to heal is inside you. We'll help you surrender to it, becoming your own medicine.

Remember you're Soul

Working with powerful modalities. Used to reconnect you with the bigger truth of who you are. 


A Ceremony to Resoul. Awaken, Align, Liberate, Embody.

Embark on a liberating, soothing, soulconnecting journey and remember the bigger truth of who you are. Amidst endless distractions it's so important to regularly reconnect with your heart, soul and life force energy. 

These 2hr shamanic ceremonial sessions, contain an empowering mix of Kundalini Activating Energy, lightlanguage vocals, instruments... a dash of quantum-field-focus … a bit of your own breath and sounds. Let your higherwisdom and subconcious do the rest! 

+30 years

Of Spiritual Development & Training


Shamanic Journey Downloads (Podcast)

+15 years

Guiding Groups & Transformation

Marianne den Anker

Ombudsvrouw Rotterdam

The best boost....

"A session with Iris is an experience of love, power and the best boost you can give yourself to open your heart and let your energy flow freely again. The highlight for me was the release of energy that felt stuck for a long time in my belly and throat. It was vibrated out by the sounds and energywork. I felt lifted and surrounded by many highly vibrating lights. It’s a week later now and I still feel cleansed, carried and light. 

Be part of a Resoul Rebelution

The gifts of resouling...

  • Receiving the most powerful tools together in one session
  • Every journey is a unique co-creation
  • Feeling extra empowered by adding your own breathwork
  • Invokes feelings of relaxation, connectedness, and flow.
  • Increase Self Love and Self Acceptance.
  • Learn to express yourself unashamedly, wild and free.
  • Release your shizzl in a healthy way. Empower your Inner-Healer.
  • Heightened levels of awareness, vibrancy and intimacy.
  • Aligning you with your natural excitement and soul purpose.
  • A regular accessible practice to truly embody your transformation.

Moving back into your natural freedom and free-flow

With her voice and drum Iris guides you into a deep meditative trance state, quieting the mind and activating the wisdom of your body and heartknowing.

The energetics and sacred sounds speak to your soul directly.

Every step in the journey is designed to reconnect you with the transformative power of your body, mind and soul in the most benifical and pleasurable way. This allows you to release old stagnant energies.

Creating space to receive insights, explore a new and more free way of being, and live in closer alignment with your soul’s natural excitement.

Bonus for Early Adapters

Strippenkaartdeal. Of een audio. Ik snap deze niet.

We like to reward enthusiasm and your guts to engage.

We like to reward you making self-growth a regular practice. 
Single ticket: € 59,-
Now only € 47,-!!

Resoul Session - A 2hr Immersion into Soul Liberation

Celebrating our launch we love to welcome you for a sweet introduction fee.

  • 2hr immersive experience 
  • shamanic ceremony
  • live lightlanguage vocals and sounds
  • free parking

We'll leave this offer up only during the introduction-phase

Get your ticket today.

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    Mr. Nameless
    You have room for some more content over here, it's a great place for a quote!
    Mr. Nameless
    You have room for some more content over here, it's a great place for a quote!
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